Ceramic Pools from Europe :

World’s first Ceramic Composite Pool Technology. Ceramic Pool is the world’s first brilliant bi-luminite colour finish creating water colours of unmatched depth and luminosity. It is the world’s first vantage in-floor cleaning and circulation system. It is a Self Supporting pool technology

Design Features :
  • Elegant, contemporary, geometric free shaped pools.
  • Wide steps and integrated relaxation area where massage nozzles may be installed.
  • Perimeter grip rail and step ledge around the pool.
  • Relaxation zone in deeper part of pool.Self cleaning system can be installed.
Special Features :
  • Exclusive 3 D shiny surface without pores.
  • Lifetime guarantee for Osmosis.
  • Can be built-in without a concrete foundation plate or wall.
  • Ideal for Roof-tops, comes in One Piece, no joints hence no leakages.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Very attractive finishes that no tile would provide.
  • World’s first self-cleaning pool.
  • Strict compliance with the approved Australian technology.
  • Carbon Infused layer for better strength.
  • Closed Beam technology.
  • Pool quality guaranteed, permanent control of production process.