Domus Lift- Hydraulic Elevators Imported from Italy
domus lift, domuslift

Hydraulic Elevator Domus Lift From IGV, Italy

Domus LIft Hydraulic Elevators is suitable for 3 to 4 passengers for application up to G+3. Domus Lift require very small pit of 120mm (5inches). Domus Lift can start from a height of 120mm above the floor level (5inches).

Domus Elevators are available in various dimensions and need to be installed in a civil shaft (3side wall) or alternatively. We can supply all glass elevators with imported aluminum shaft. The specific advantage of Domus Hydraulic Elevator is it has practically no pit (5inches only) and no head room. Domus Lift come with aesthetic interior finishes which can be customized to individual requirements. Our company Celcius Systems has installed in more than 75 units in Andhra Pradesh and this product has also proven to be extremely successful due to its Technical features, aesthetic and low maintenance.

Domus Hydraulic Elevator Specifications up to G+3: (Available in various dimensions)
  • Capacity: 250/ 300 kgs (3 /4pasengers)
  • Maximum travel: G+3 (10.5 meters)
  • Door opening: 750/950 x 2000 MM 
  • Aluminum Shaft : Available in various dimentions
  • Civil shaft: Available in various dimensions
  • Hydraulic power pack size: 600(width) X 280(depth)X !000 ( Height) it can be installed with in 5 meters from the lift
  • Car profile: Natural Anodized .Aluminum
  • Lift door: Panoramic Aluminum
  • Speed: 0.20 mt/sec