Bio Design Pools (Earth Pools)

Imagine being in a pool with a beach, shore and underwater sitting areas, whilst being massaged and refreshed by an outpouring of air bubbles rising from the pool bed. Imagine a swimming pool perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape. A natural pool, with crystal clear water, that enhances your garden in all seasons. Biodesign technology replaces the particularly heavy and invasive structures of reinforced concrete with a structure composed of natural granulated stone combined with high performance, technologically advanced resins and other materials for structural strength. Thanks to its non-invasive characteristics, Biodesign pools contribute to the safeguarding of our precious environment.

Biodesign technology was born in the search for a product that offered uniqueness, structural solidity and at the same time with a great respect for the environment: a combination of natural products, wisely integrated with the best waterproofing technology and high-performance binders for structural consolidation.

Biodesign pools, both public and private, have been built in several places around the world, in a variety of settings. Every single pool is personalized, different from all the others, because it was created exclusively for you. The only limit is your imagination! We invite you to stimulate your imagination with our creations... Your Biodesign pool will be unique: tailor-made for you!!!!

Special Features :
  • Earth Friendly/Low impact on the environment.
  • Gives a natural beach effect.
  • Reduces weight on the excavated area.
  • Less Completion Time.
  • Shape & Size can be customized.
  • Aesthetic elements that enable you to get the look of your most favored water body in the world at your door step.
  • Low maintenance costs.