Pipeless Filtration


Just add water and escape to Fun, Wellness & Relaxation!

It can change instantly from a serene, private paradise to a relaxed comfortable party venue. From a riotous children’s play pool, to a hydrotherapeutic health spa! From a romantic spa escape amidst nature, to a Zen like ambiance with individualized light effects in the confines of your home!

Joy, fun, relaxation, good health and well being... it can all be found in the Softub, the portable tub that can be moved and assembled indoors or outdoors, on your terrace or in your garden!

Warm or cool water, massage jets and regulated stream of bubbles in the Softub, relax your tired and knotted muscles. Lie back as the water massages your neck, shoulders, calves or foot reflex zones. You will be reinvigorated and energized.

The energy efficient economical Hot Tub.
  • Softub is the quietest tub ever. Hydro jet power, heated water and its unique Whisper technology, allow you to enjoy the ambiance around you quietly.
  • Softub is the most comfortable tub ever. The Leather Tex upholstery material gives you a pillow soft surface to lie back comfortably.
  • Softub is a fun tub. Multi colored LED lights and bubbles on demand, bring excitement at will.
  • Softub is the most energy-efficient hot tub ever. It heats without a heater. The heat generated by the motor is used to warm the water!
  • Softub, the tough tub that can be left outdoors. The material is weatherproof, marine grade vinyl for superior weather resistance and durability. The tub can be easily moved around.
  • Softub-the clean tub with an ozone system that oxidizes contaminants keeping your water sparkling clean.
Special Features :
  • Lightweight, full-featured, portable tub with Jacuzzi jets and Lights.
  • Equipped with folding, lockable cover.
  • Energy efficient, Economical hot tub.
  • It's simple and easy to maintain.
  • Weatherproof material.
  • Installation is easy, just roll it in and plug it into any outlet.
  • Soft tub is meant to handle any weather indoor or out.
  • With one year warranty.