Stiltz Lift- Duo+ Concept

Stiltz Elevator

Stiltz Lift Due to the vertical, self supporting stilts, positioning a Stiltz Home Lift into your home is very flexible. It is free standing so no load-bearing walls are required, and you don’t need to worry about window or radiators being in the way. It can tuck into the corner of a room, the stairwell void, on a landing or even in a cupboard!

Stiltz Elevator- Space Saving

No visible hoists and no noisy motors. Stiltz Home Lifts’ unique technology means the lift runs using discreet wire rope hoists and built-in drive equipment which is all neatly concealed within the lift car roof space. Meaning more space in your home for you, your furniture and your décor.

Simple Stiltz Home Lifts plug directly into your domestic power sockets. In the event of a power cut, a battery back up will gently return you to the ground until power is restored. To get you from floor to floor, the lift is operated using the intuitive in-car control panel or through remote controls from outside the lift.

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Stiltz Lift- Safety Features:

    To guarantee safe and comfortable usage at all times, each Stiltz Home Lift is equipped with the following safety features as standard:

    1. The half-height door is equipped with a subtle LED light curtain which detects obstacles and gently      brings the lift to a stop if the light is crossed. This feature is available as an optional extra with the      full height door.

    2. The lift will only move from stationary when the lift car door is fully closed.

    3. The lift has a built-in braking mechanism for safety and comfort.

    4. Sensors positioned to the top and bottom of the lift will automatically stop the lift car immediately     an obstruction is detected.

    5. In the event of power failure, the lift car can be returned to the lower floor thanks to a battery back     up located within the drive unit.

    6. A built-in load sensor ensures that the maximum weight limit is not exceeded.

    7. The lift car door is secured by a strong locking mechanism which is also very easy to open and     close.

Stiltz Elevator