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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator from STAR Elevators Dubai

This Vacuum Elevator is suitable for 2 passengers for application up to G+2 and does not require any head room or pit room and can be aesthetically incorporated in to the interior of the house. This Vacuum Elevator does not require any civil structure and can be installed on the finished floor of the house.

There is an Outer tubular shell consisting of aluminum frame with Polycarbonate Sheet and has a car inside.

This Vacuum Elevator can be installed in between the stair case if gap exists or in any other location in the house which has convenient inter connectivity by making one meter dia hole in each slab.
Our company Celcius systems has installed more than 200 Vacuum Elevators in Telangana. This Vacuum Elevator has become extremely successful due to its ease of installation, maintenance and excellent after sales service and also due to the fact that it can be installed in the existing bungalows.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator G+2 Specifications:

  • Capacity : 150 Kgs
  • Motor Power : 3.7 kw
  • Power Supply : 17A, 230 Volts, Single Phase
  • Speed : 0.15 Meters/second
  • Head Unit : Split Head Unit connected with 4” CPVC Pipes 2no’s
  • Polycarbonate sheet : clear
  • Over load device : In Built
  • Car cabin height: 2000mm
  • Top head cylinder height: 2400mm
  • Door position :Can be in line or rotated in 90° or 180°
  • Number of stops: up to 3 (G+2)
  • Safty feature: Automatically comes to ground floor in case of a power failure during operation
  • Size: External cylinder 933mm and cabin height:2000mm
  • Quiet and easy to install in existing house